Should I Invest in Mutual Funds

Should I Invest in Mutual Funds

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Uncertainty and volatility comprise equity investing. People who invest in EMF (Equity Mutual Fund) also never remain unscathed when the indices move in range. In these moments, the performance of mutual funds and the indices go down.

Investors can make use of this as a chance to review and build a strong EMF portfolio. Moreover, if a businessman has put his money in an equity fund having a particular long term goal in mind, profits from the class of equity asset in the medium and short run require ignoring.

The performance of the MF scheme requires regular monitoring. EMF portfolio reviewing can entail scheme scanning in the portfolio including a variety of diversified schemes, sector or thematic funds, and even small, mid, and large cap funds. These are the reasons why you should invest in mutual funds.

Beat Inflation

Mutual funds assist investors in generating better profits that are inflation-adjusted without spending a lot of energy and time on it. Many people consider growing their savings in a financial institution but they do not consider the effects of inflation.

Expert Managers

As a result of a research team that is dedicated, investors receive service of a fund manager who is experienced and handles decisions of financial nature on the basis of prospects available and performance in the market to achieve the mutual fund scheme’s goals.


In case you require saving time and having convenience, then mutual funds are the perfect investment option. Mutual funds have the ability to sell or buy on any business day. They also have several choices on the basis of a person’s investment need and goals. They even have alternatives for low investments and individuals can live free while their investments grow.

Low Cost

As opposed to capital markets, …

Actively Managed Investments – All About Mutual Funds

All About Actively Managed Investments

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What if I told you that I am a world-class coffee brewer and my coffee tastes wonderful, better than all my competitors.  Since my coffee is so amazing I command a premium of over 17 times the national average price of $1.38 for a medium cup of coffee.  I charge between $24.00 and $34.00 per cup depending on the flavor.  That’s how freaking good my coffee is!
However, Here’s the embedded risk that you won’t know unless your read my product offering memorandum:

  • If I am able to pick the right coffee beans, at the right time and brew them correctly, then you will likely have above-average coffee for long periods of time.
  • I can’t guarantee my coffee will be “the best” all the time, in fact my coffee could taste far worse than the average cup of coffee on any given day.  Although, I believe it to be unlikely.
  •  There is upwards of a 50% chance my coffee will taste the same or worse that the average cup of coffee.


Knowing what I just told you, would you pay $24.00+ for a cup of my “maybe it will be great, maybe not” coffee? That’s asset management!

Well Ladies and gentlemen:  Welcome to the asset management business!


Please come and purchase my active mutual fund (i.e. premium coffee), but here’s what you won’t know unless your read my prospectus:

  • If I pick the right investments and buy and sell them at the right time, you will likely earn a superior return on your investment.
  •  I can’t guarantee your investment returns will be above greater market returns.
  •  There is an upwards of 50% chance that I will underperform the s&P 500 index.


Knowing what I just told you, would you pay $1,500+