Eliminate Debt – 5 Great Ways To Kill Your Debt

5 Ways To Eliminate Debt

eliminate debt

1) Create a Personal Balance Sheet: The purpose of a personal balance sheet is to show you your financial picture at a specific point in time.  In a previous post I show how to create a personal balance sheet which is basically just a list of your assets (everything you own i.e. cash, stocks, bonds, house, etc…) and liabilities (everything you owe, credit card debt, auto loans, home mortgage, etc…).   By creating a balance sheet you will create a complete list of all debt you have.  Continuing from my balance sheet example in the previous post, here is example of “debts” (liabilities).

2) Identify Your Most Expensive Debts:  The next step is to list your debt in order of the most expensive to the least expensive.  Your credit card debt and personal loans will likely be the most expensive debt you have with interest rates well over 10% per annum. If you need a little more information on credit card debt, check out this article here by Credit Counseling Society.

3) Calculate Your Average Cost of Debt: After you have listed all of your debt and the annual interest rates you can calculate your average cost of debt.  To do so simply determine the percentage of each debt relative to your total debt balance.  Then multiple this percentage by the interest rate for each debt and sum them.  The total is your average cost of debt in terms of an average interest rate.  The spreadsheet below may help you if you are not clear on this point.

4) Reduce Your Average Cost of Debt:  The next step is to reduce your average cost of debt by decreasing interest rates by as much as possible for each of the debts on your list.  Clearly, it …

Actively Managed Investments – All About Mutual Funds

All About Actively Managed Investments

mutual funds

What if I told you that I am a world-class coffee brewer and my coffee tastes wonderful, better than all my competitors.  Since my coffee is so amazing I command a premium of over 17 times the national average price of $1.38 for a medium cup of coffee.  I charge between $24.00 and $34.00 per cup depending on the flavor.  That’s how freaking good my coffee is!
However, Here’s the embedded risk that you won’t know unless your read my product offering memorandum:

  • If I am able to pick the right coffee beans, at the right time and brew them correctly, then you will likely have above-average coffee for long periods of time.
  • I can’t guarantee my coffee will be “the best” all the time, in fact my coffee could taste far worse than the average cup of coffee on any given day.  Although, I believe it to be unlikely.
  •  There is upwards of a 50% chance my coffee will taste the same or worse that the average cup of coffee.


Knowing what I just told you, would you pay $24.00+ for a cup of my “maybe it will be great, maybe not” coffee? That’s asset management!

Well Ladies and gentlemen:  Welcome to the asset management business!


Please come and purchase my active mutual fund (i.e. premium coffee), but here’s what you won’t know unless your read my prospectus:

  • If I pick the right investments and buy and sell them at the right time, you will likely earn a superior return on your investment.
  •  I can’t guarantee your investment returns will be above greater market returns.
  •  There is an upwards of 50% chance that I will underperform the s&P 500 index.


Knowing what I just told you, would you pay $1,500+

Welcome to KGR Capital!

Hello! And welcome to KGR Capital.

I’ve finally decided to dive into this so called “blogging” craze that seems to be taking over the internet recently. The niche that I find the most fascinating is the financial niche. Why? Well first off, because I love anything to do with finance, period. No, I’m not an expert trader or investor but I do manage all my own investments and I hope one day to retire early.

What will the purpose of this blog be?

Well, I’m a mid 30’s FIRE enthusiast who is already well on his way to an early retirement. So I think that is what I am looking to make this blog about. That being said, I don’t just like to talk about the stuff I am good at. I love to talk about everything finance,personal finance or investing related. Want to talk about penny stocks? I’m pumped! What about boring ol’ bonds? Let’s do it. You won’t find anything in this wonderful niche we call finance that I don’t like to shoot the $#(* about.

Who am I?

Well, I’ve decided to remain anonymous throughout this whole journey for a couple reasons. The first reason being I am not a financial advisor or legally able to give any sort of financial advice. Sure, I am going to put a disclaimer up but in order to protect myself, I’ve chosen to remain anonymous. Although it’s fairly obvious that everything on this website will be strictly my opinion and nothing more than that, I’m not taking any chances. That being said, I’m going to go by the name Cash. Why? Well, I’m guessing you can figure that one out!